Consistency is Key

Tasks such as polishing and buffing are often at the end of the production cycle so the necessity for consistency is paramount. Nordbo technology allows the operator to demonstrate the optimal path for finishing the item and have the robot copy it precisely.

Fast Programming for high mix low volume operations

Programming time and expertise have often kept small and medium sized businesses from automating finishing tasks. With the implementation of our tracking methods what once took days can now take minutes. Our systems are tailored to your specific application needs and can be integrated with our different technologies such as Mimic or Craftmate

Metal polishing
Side by side polishing of a car's door with Mimic and Nachi robot

IR Tracker

Mimic with IR Tracker consists of a joystick with a tracker using infrared (IR) light for recording human motions and transferring them to a robot.
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Wheel deburring with SCHUNK tool

FT Tracker

Mimic with FT Tracker allows the user to record trajectories by guiding the robot by hand. The FT Tracker consists of a force-torque sensor and a handle.
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Craftmate's Fully-automatic vision-based surface processesing

CraftMate scans and constructs a highly precise 3D model of your object or the surface to be processed without a CAD model or heavy offline programming. The complete planning calculation only takes a few seconds even for complex surfaces and shapes. You can define a robot’s work area and configure various settings, including motion path, tool alignments, speed, orientation, and direction. Once the robot path is finished, you are ready to start.

Automate surface processing with complete systems

Here are mechanical setup examples of how you are able to customise buffing to fit into your process with cobots and industrial robots. The machine's state-of-the-art wet buffing capabilities are designed for and approved by Apple Inc. This means that the machine has been rigorously tested and meets Apple's high standards for quality and safety.

Complete polish station
Part in hand - Single

Cobots or industrial robots
Universal Robots, Nachi, Fanuc and KUKA

Complete polish station
Part in hand - Double

Cobots or industrial robots
Universal Robots, Fanuc,Nachi and KUKA

Complete polish station
Tool in hand - Orbital

Cobots or industrial robots
Universal Robots, Fanuc, Nachi and KUKA

Solutions that meet your needs

Regardless of your  needs we will find the solution that best suits the needs of your application. Mimic or Craftmate, part in hand or tool in hand, our engineers will tailor the system to the process.

Our process for designing the system that specifically meets your needs starts with a Front End Engineering Design (FEED) process. We send a team member to assess your needs and specs. Using this we design the whole system and have it produced for factory  testing. Once this is completed the system gets sent to the end user for onsite testing and training.

Transfer your movements to a robot and automate buffing

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Automate small productions with inconsistent batches and even one-of-kind pieces with 3D scanning and fast programming
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No need for difficult offline programming and only rely on CAD/CAM models
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Enables very flexible setups with lower requirements on fixation of the batches   
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Automate repetitive manual tasks within surface finishing
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Reduce the amount of material waste caused by human error
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Tackle labor shortage
Supported Robots
Mimic FT sanding a piece of wood with Mirka sanding tool
Universal Robots Logo
Mimic spray painting with NACHI robot
Nachi partner logo
Craftmate platform on KUKA robot

Application examples

Here is how you can use CraftMate

Craftmate on a NACHI robot, and SUHNER tool.
Craftmate polishing the door of a car
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