How to Automate Your Deburring Process

How to Automate Your Deburring Process

What is an automated deburring process?

Automated deburring is a process that uses technology to remove burrs, or small, sharp edges from the surface of a material. This procedure is often carried out to enhance the completed product's usefulness, safety, and aesthetics. Automated deburring technology has grown in popularity recently because it provides many advantages over traditional hand deburring techniques.

One of the key benefits of automated deburring is that it can be much faster and more efficient than manual methods. Manufacturers can save a lot of time and money by using automated systems because they can often deburr a lot of parts quickly.  Additionally, these systems are often able to deburr parts with a higher degree of precision and accuracy than manual methods, which can result in a higher quality finished product.

Manufacturers can quickly set up and manage automated deburring operations using Mimic, and they can also view the process's status in real time. This can assist producers in both immediately identifying and resolving any difficulties that may develop throughout the process as well as in process optimization for maximum effectiveness.

The Case

For this case, we visited our tool partner SCHUNK in Germany. We went to visit their CoLab and to conduct mutual tests on Mimic with their series of tool for material removal applications - R-EMENDO. We focused on robotic deburring. As demonstrated in the video below, Mimic can precisely and effectively give the item the desired shape without the use of code. It just follows the movements of the hand. Automating this process, especially without programming abilities, can improve the overall productivity of the manufacturing process.

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