Surface Treatment

Mimic records the users' movements 1-1, and records when to trigger the material added to the surface. This makes it possible to easily program the robot with human like movements.

Our software platform, Mimic, has been implemented in a number of solutions for surface treatment applications such as:

Wet Painting
Sand Blasting
Spray painting with Nachi

Customisation is key to accessibility

To enable the user with the process know-how to program the robot, it's crucial to make a solution that resembles the manual setup as much as possible.

We can do so by customising our Mimic joystick to resemble the spray gun normally used. Or in some cases, if the manufacturer of the spray gun allows it, we can even use the spray gun that is normally used.

The touch screen interface that is a standard part of all Mimic installations allows the user an easy and intuitive way to control the process.

Why automate surface treatment?

The financial success or failure of a project often depends on whether the material added to the surface is applied correctly the first time, or if it must be removed and reapplied multiple times. Therefore, the three top reasons to automate surface treatment are:

Reduce the amount of material used due to the accuracy of the robotic spray and reduced need for rework

Improve quality and consistent outcomes as the robot makes precise movements, and keeps the spray gun at the same distance to the part, at the same angle and speed

Improve the safety of working conditions and comfort of workers to increase productivity and employee satisfaction.

Spray painting

Traditional robot movements are stiff

While the stiffness and robot-like-movements are suitable for a number of cases, you often need to be able to make more organic and human-like movements when you touch-up complex parts. And when the control of speed and angles is crucial to your end result.

Mimic offer the possibility to easily program what you need in real time and to see your results right away.

It's easy to program yourself so you don't need to call for support whenever you wish to change.

Transfer your movements to a robot and automate surface treatment applications

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Adjustable speed
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Path optimization
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Locked plane (for even spray distribution)
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Program segmentation
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Add-on mimic joystick for intuitive teaching
Supported Robots
Mimic FT sanding a piece of wood with Mirka sanding tool
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Mimic spray painting with NACHI robot
Nachi partner logo
Craftmate platform on KUKA robot

Application examples

Here is how you can use CraftMate

Craftmate on a NACHI robot, and SUHNER tool.
Craftmate polishing the door of a car
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