Case Studies

End-customer: Toms Group A/S


Country: Denmark


Partner: None


Application: Case packing of chocolate bars



  • Product weight: 35 grams

  • Packing speed: 110 picks/min

  • Working hour: 1 shifts


Solution: Nordbo Cube; guided with laser vision system


Why Nordbo:

  • Teach function: enable a worker to “program” the system to handle a new product. It adds flexibility for the system to handle the season produced products.

  • Mobility: Customers are able to move the system in between production lines. Or even move it away when not used or when cleaning the factory floor.

  • Compact, but high speed performance

  • Scalability: The system can work along side with human when over capacity (pack with max speed and let the products that were not picked by the robot, pass through to be packed manually), or add up multiple cubes together in order to increase capacity.


Customer Feedback:

"With regard to the purpose of increasing flexibility in production, the robot has done it very well. In fact, it has prompted us to think about other product lines too. For example, the more seasonal products where the robot cell can be installed for a period and reprogrammed into a new packaging line. We have got our own interface, which we can operate – something we could not do before, so that is an advantage for us. The cooperation with Leo and Lukasz was really good – they have listen to our feedback, and now they are heading home to work on the adjustments, that our people have provided along the way. Then we have to test again - maybe also on unpackaged products that require a little more according to the rules on food handling. In the end, we expect our cooperation to lead to orders from our side. " - Ole Viemose Larsen, Technical Project Manager


End-customer: Nortura. The biggest Slaughterhouse in Norway

Country: Norway

Partner: Sealing System

Application: Case packing of vacuum/non vacuum packed sausages


  • Product weight: 100-800 grams

  • Packing speed: 80 picks/min

  • Working teamperature < 4°C

  • Working hour: 2 shifts

Solution: Nordbo Cube with Laser guided vision system.

Why Nordbo: Nortura chose Nordbo cube solution because of its high speed performance, robustness and most importantly its compact design. Nordbo Cube is in this case the ultimate solution in term of its performance, user friendliness and floor space requirement.


End-customer: Amphenol


Country: World


Partner: Amphenol Hangzhou


Application: Polishing of small mechanical parts for 3C (computer communication and consumer electronics) segment



  • High quality surface finish

  • Working hour: 3 shifts


Solution: 1 MIMIC teaching system with 8 robot polishing stations.


Why Nordbo: Amphenol chose Nordbo because of our cutting edge technology MIMIC. With MIMIC the customer can  teach/program the robots new and complicated position/force trajectories. With MIMIC it is now possible to transfer an experienced polishing worker's technique to a robot system in order to achieve the high finishing requirements.


End-customer: BabyDan/IKEA


Country: Denmark/World


Partner: DamGaard Automatik


Application: Packing of table bumpers (Children safety product)



  • Product weight: 15 grams

  • Packing speed: 90 picks/min

  • Working hour: 2 shifts


Solution: Nordbo Cube; Delta Robot guided with 3D vision system.

Why Nordbo: Babydan chose Nordbo cube solution because of its flexibility, speed, scalability and compact design. 

Customer Feedback:

"We have chosen Nordbos solution because of its small footprint and flexibility. With only one Nordbo Cube, we have replaced our existing setup with 5 robots and increased production capacity somewhere between 50% - 75%. In the same time we can see that the cube give us possibilities in the further if a modification of production layout is needed."


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