Mimic is an easy-to-use platform that allows anyone to record and automate tasks without any prior programming experience. With Mimic, you can simply record, transfer, and replicate your own movements, making automation easier than ever before.

By implementing a Mimic system together with your robotic integration you remove the need to spend hours programming your robot to complete simple tasks. With minimal experience any operator will be able to learn how to utilise the software and teach your robot via one of our tracking technologies.

Mimic has already been integrated into numerous applications including, sanding, buffing, polishing, painting, powder coating , sandblasting, grinding and deburring. By working together with Nordbo and our Certified Partners we can make the challenging task of process automation an achievable goal for your business.

How does it work?

Although there are hardware components, Mimic is at its core a software product. A Mimic Controller gets integrated into your robotic system which gives it the ability to translate human movement into the code that robots need to complete tasks. How this human movement is recorded depends on the application.

To capture a more organic fluid movement an operator may choose the IR tracker which is a handheld wireless system that is especially effective in tasks such as painting and powder coating.

When it is beneficial for an operator to guide the robot arm with the preferred tool mounted on it, the FT sensor allows users to phisically manipulate the robot in order to achieve the desired result.  For processes like sanding the FT tracker is ideal. sddd

Nordbo Complete Systems with Mimic

Different ways to program your Mimic

Although Mimic differentiates itself by allowing users to record their own human movements it's important to recognise that it's not the only way to program your Mimic enabled robot. Sometimes robotic movement is the best way to complete the task, which is why you are able to mix and match a variety of different programming methods into a single process. Mimic allows users to include:
- Point to Point
- Path generation
- Teach by demonstration

Speed up your automation processes by transferring your movements directly to the  robot.

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Supports high-precision processes
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Supports solution add-ons
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No prior programming skills needed
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User-friendly joysticks designed to support the software
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Teach new programs within minutes
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Translate your skills to robotic movements
Supported Robots
Mimic FT sanding a piece of wood with Mirka sanding tool
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Mimic spray painting with NACHI robot
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Craftmate platform on KUKA robot

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