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Programming robots is a time consuming activity which requires in-depth knowledge. With Nordbo Robotics' MIMIC Kit, everyone can record and automate complex movements without any prior programming experience. The unique sensor enable users to record, transfer and let robots replicate motions in six dimensions.

What is in the box?

The MIMIC kit consists of the Nordbo Robotics’  sensors, control box, and a URCap for an easy Plug & Play experience. 

Complementary software has been developed for the following robot manufacturers:

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Increase productivity

Reduce commissioning time and enable robots to perform complex tasks without extensive programming

Easy scaling

With the record/playback function it is easy to scale up manufacturing to multiple robots

Enhance workforce

With the MIMIC Kit it is possible for everyone to teach a robot any complex movement

How Does It Work?


The Nordbo Robotics MIMIC Kit is easy and intuitive to use. The MIMIC Kit provides valuable flexibility and increase productivity in a variaty of applications.


The MIMIC Kit is equipped with features that makes it suitable for a wide variety of applications. 

  • High precision

  • 6-dimensional tracking of position and orientation

  • Path manipulation

  • No line of sight needed

  • Plug & Play 

  • No code needed

  • Realtime operation (teleoperation)

  • Record/playback operation

  • Web interface

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A technology that capture and recreate movement

Programming industrial robots is a time and money consuming activity which requires expertise. Nordbo Robotics has therefore developed an innovative solution that enables companies to save costs by enhancing their workforce to teach industrial robots by replicating their own movement. The MIMIC Kit consists of the Nordbo Robotics Pose Tracker sensor and the corresponding URCap for an easy Plug & Play experience for Universal Robots.

This technology is valuable in a variety of applications as tasks frequently needs to be changed, updated, and reprogrammed. Without a technology like MIMIC, this needs to be done by a trained programmer that are not always an in-house resource. MIMIC is also a beneficial tool if the given task is too difficult to program using classical methods, which often is the case for a lot of processing tasks such as grinding, buffing, welding, and painting.

The Nordbo Robotics MIMIC Kit is the perfect choice if you want to increase robot flexibility and efficiency.

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