Mimic is an easy-to-use platform that allows anyone to record and automate tasks without any prior programming experience. With Mimic, you can simply record, transfer, and replicate your own movements, making automation easier than ever before.

Mimic Grinding


Get started in
3 steps

1. Teach

Guide your robot in real-time or record your movements using the Mimic joystick. Gain full control of your robot in an intuitive way.

2. Tune

Preview and optimize the recorded movements by modifying speed, orientation, and path.

3. Play

Start processing and let your robot do the hard work.

Guide your robot in real-time

Mimic is designed to empower surface finishers to teach their skills to the robot, allowing for the preservation of handmade finishes in various automated processes. With Mimic, you can ensure that your unique touch is incorporated into every aspect of your work, from start to finish.

Transfer your movements to a robot and automate surface processing

Supports high-precision processes
Supports solution add-ons
No prior programming skills needed
User-friendly joysticks designed to support the software
Teach new programs within minutes
Translate your skills to robotic movements
Mimic Solution Modules
Supported Robots
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Fanuc, ABB and Yaskawa coming soon!

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