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Using Nordbo’s AutoPath software it is possible to automate surface finishing of curved workpieces by automatically planning the robot path on the point cloud required by the 3D camera. By adding the force torque sensor, the solution is also able to regulate the force on the workpiece by adjusting the robot movement and regulation of the compensation unit




Application Video


Object modelling with N-eye 3D camera

Surface and Path Selector

Robot Path Generator

Force Selection & Compensation

Tool Changer Control

Automatic Calibration



no programming needed, just take a 3D image of the object, select the surface and the application is ready to go grinding​

Machine precision

by combining the generated path and force compensation a consistent quality can be obtained


the 3D image makes it easy to select the desired surface without the need of a  fixed position

Increase safety

no direct human contact needed with the grinding tool, keeping your workforce safe


compatible with every robot brand. At the moment it is tested with Nachi and KUKA

Increase productivity

one operator can handle multiple grinding cells or can perform other tasks when the robot is grinding


Please contact our partners if you are interested in a complete system