CraftMate is a platform that uses 3D vision technology to automate surface finishing processes. With a press of a button, you can scan and construct an exact 3D model of a surface ready to be processed.


Get started in
3 steps

Logo of Craftmate when scans and constructs 3D model of an object.

1. Scan

CraftMate scans and constructs a highly precise 3D model of your object or the surface to be processed.

Craftmate logo displayed during path definition for processing.

2. Select

Define the area or path you wish to process. Select your tool and adjust parameters for your specific process.

Craftmate's logo, a robot in action

3. Process

Let the robot do the hard work.

Automate surface processing with complete systems

CraftMate can be used for multiple applications, production needs, and materials such as wood, composite, metal, glass, and stone. Here are examples of how you are able to customize CraftMate to fit into your application with cobots and industrial robots.

Light duty mobile
Light Duty - Mobile

500 x 500 mm
Cobots or industrial robots
UR, Nachi and KUKA

Medium duty mobile
Medium Duty - Mobile

1700 x 1500 mm
Cobots only

Medium duty stationery
Medium Duty - Stationary

1700 x 1500 mm
Industrial robots
KUKA and Nachi

Heavy duty duel
Heavy Duty - Duel

Up to 30 meters
Industrial robots
KUKA and Nachi

Fully-automatic vision-based surface processes

CraftMate scans and constructs a highly precise 3D model of your object or the surface to be processed without a CAD model or heavy offline programming. The complete planning calculation only takes a few seconds even for complex surfaces and shapes. You can define a robot’s work area and configure various settings, including motion path, tool alignments, speed, orientation, and direction. Once the robot path is finished, you are ready to start.

3D vision-based surface processing

Decorative symbol
Solution for high-mix and one-of-a-kind productions
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No need for CAD files or offline programming
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Simulate before deployment with digital twin
Decorative symbol
Complete planning calculation only takes a few seconds, even for complex surfaces and shapes
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Choose from different tools, robots, and setups to create the perfect solution for your application
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Teach the robot precise movements with point-to-point and 3D-vision teaching
Process examples

Here is how you can use CraftMate

Nachi Robot with Mirka sanding tool
Craftmate on a NACHI robot, and SUHNER tool.
Craftmate polishing the door of a car
Supported Robots
Mimic FT sanding a piece of wood with Mirka sanding tool
Universal Robots Logo
Mimic spray painting with NACHI robot
Nachi partner logo
Craftmate platform on KUKA robot

Supported Cameras
Nordbo Craftmate Camera
Model od ziVID M70
Zivid M70 & L100
Model of ensenso camera
Ensenso N35-602-16-BL
Realsense camera
Intel Realsense D435i

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