Manpower Reduction


Programming Speed


Supported robot types


Get started in
3 steps

1. Scan

CraftMate scans and constructs a highly precise 3D model of your object or the surface to be processed.

2. Select

Define the area or path you wish to process. Select your tool and adjust parameters for your specific process.

3. Process

Let the robot do the hard work.


The powerful path-planning engine

The complete planning calculation only takes a few seconds even if it is highly complex. Once the robot path is finished, you are ready to start.

The CraftMate Platform is a highly flexible software platform that can be used to solve a wide range of surface finishing applications such as grinding weld seams, sanding both big and small surfaces like boat/car maintenance, and many more.


3D Vision makes it possible to:

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    Process any shape of the working surfaces, whether it is a plane, low, or even high complex curvature
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    Introduce a new workpiece or working surface within a few minutes, WITHOUT CAD model or heavy offline programming.
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    Customize your CraftMate to fit into your application, whether it is UX or process parameters.
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Digital Twin

Preview the process and
avoid colissions

Tool import function

Change your tool
within minutes

Recipe handling

Easily define and modify
your processing segments

Point-to-point teaching

Teach the robot precise movements with the cobot-like interface. Even on industrial robots!

Your needs?

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