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All over the world, manufacturers are facing similar challenges: Shortage of labor, increasing costs, demands for higher quality, and the need to bring their manufacturing setup into the 21st century in order to stay competitive.

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By combining the know-how of a craftsman with the efficiency and precision of a robot, we can help you automate complex applications in the manufacturing industry.

We can also help you automate few-of-a-kind-productions - which are difficult to automate with traditional robot programming.

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It is a pleasure to be part of the revolution represented by Nordbo Robotics, which allows us to bring cobots even closer to craftsmen.

Jorge Ruitina Testa,
Collaborative Robotics Manager

“We really liked having the opportunity to meet Team Nordbo and get to know them and play with the Mimic Platform. The team was very welcoming and made us feel as a part of the company.”

Karl Ericsson,
Managing Director

“We work with Nordbo’s software platforms to be able to deliver flexible sanding and grinding solutions that our customers can customize and program on their own. The philosophy behind Mimic corresponds 100% with ours”

Henrik Christensen,
Channel Sales Manager

Nordbo Updates

“At Nordbo Robotics we bridge human skills with robot precision allowing humans to be creative, and robots – repetitive”

Leo Zhou - CEO, Nordbo Robotics
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