Meet Reliabotics, our new partner!

Meet Reliabotics, our new partner!

We are happy to introduce you to our new partner in the US, Reliabotics 🤩

Our new strategic partnership is based on their successful evaluation of the Mimic FT/IR product line. Reliabotics, a renowned robotic systems integrator and automation engineering company, will collaborate closely with Nordbo to provide manufacturing clients with fully integrated, advanced, and no-code programming robotic solutions.

“We look forward to our close engineering and business collaboration with Nordbo to provide our manufacturing clients with this fully integrated, advanced, no-code programming robotic solution.”

Mark Tarighi, CEO of Reliabotics

About Reliabotics

Reliabotics is a robotic systems integrator and automation engineering company in New Jersey, U.S.  Over the years our engineering team has installed many high-level, fully integrated robotic solutions for many applications in various industries.  We serve manufacturing clients in the automotive, aerospace, machining, medical device, and electronics industries with our advanced robotic and engineering solutions.

Welcome to the team of #NoCodeRobotics!

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