Nordbo Grinding Systems

With top of class precision and built in Mimic functionality our grinding system can handle the most complex of tasks. Designed to be programmed with human movements by anyone these systems have the potential to revolutionise your work flow and increase your production capacity exponentially.

These systems can be adapted to handle tasks that include: grinding, deburring, trimming and more.

Discover how we work together with companies to design systems that are specifically tailored to their individual needs.

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Fast No-Code Programming

Nordbo Robotics Mimic technology is a ground breaking new way to program robots quickly and easily. No code is needed as the operator is able to train the robot with their own movements. This method allows for businesses to program and re-program their robots in minutes instead of the hours or days that it has taken in the past.

Automation for high mix low volume operations

Programming time and expertise have often kept small and medium sized businesses from automating finishing tasks. With the implementation of our high precision Mimic technology your businesses' automation goals that used to be  infeasible are now within your grasp.

Designing to meet your needs

Designing of the system that specifically meets your needs starts with a Front End Engineering Design (FEED) process. A dedicated team member will assess your needs and specifications. Using this, we design the complete system and have it produced for factory testing. Once this is completed the system gets sent to the end user for onsite testing and training.

Transfer your movements to a robot and automate deburring

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Automate repetitive manual deburring tasks
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Tackle labor shortage
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Automate small productions with inconsistent batches with fast programming
Application examples

Here is how you can use CraftMate

Craftmate on a NACHI robot, and SUHNER tool.
Craftmate polishing the door of a car
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