Mimic Sander

Achieve professional surface finishing results effortlessly with Mimic Sander, an all-in-one solution designed to cater to a range of automated surface finishing needs. Whether you are sanding, polishing, or cleaning, this comprehensive sander system has got you covered.

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Together with our partners, we also provide our recommendations on the full system, table, tool unit, and abrasive changer for you to build a complete setup that fits your production. Read more about the technical specifications here.

Our current delivery time for Mimic Sander is 6 weeks. Contact our solutions experts to get started.

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No-code Robotics Programming Within Industrial Manufacturing

Automate repetitive manual tasks within surface finishing
Reduce the amount of material waste caused by human error
Tackle labor shortage
Let robots take care of dangerous jobs
Scale up your production
Assure consistent quality output each time
Translate your skills to precise robotic movements
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