Supported Robots

Nordbo Robotics’ solutions are compatible with a variety of different robot brands. Our software can in many cases be installed onto your existing robots or we can help guide you towards which brand best suits your unique needs. Our goal is to develop our technology so it will adapt to any of the major robot brands whether they are heavy duty industrial robots or smaller collaborative cobots.

We currently support four of the industry leading robot brands and look forward to introducing more in the coming months. Sign up for our newsletter below to stay informed about our advances. In this rapidly changing market we are always grateful for input so if there is a brand you would like to see integrated into our platform then please let us know so we can add it to our list.

Universal Robots

Since their founding in 2005 Universal Robots has grown to become one of the worlds primary suppliers of collaborative robots. Their technology can be found in businesses around the world and Nordbo Robotics technology is compatible with the majority of their products.

Both Mimic and our Force Torque Sensor Kit are UR+ certified and distributed through UR’s channel network providing you seamless integration with your UR cobot.


Japanese robot producer Nachi offers an enormous range of both industrial and collaborative 6 axis robots. Nachi is a primary robotic supplier in the automotive industry and they pride themselves on building robots that can withstand heavy usage. Nordbos products function with almost all of Nachi’s product line.


Based out of Germany, Kuka is a leading global automation corporation that offers their customers a wide variety of intelligent automation solutions. Nordbo Robotics software platforms are 100% compatible with all of Kuka’s robotic products (2024).


Automation specialists since 1956 the FANUC corporation has differentiated itself through innovation of robotic technology. The Japanese company supplies many industries ranging from medical to aerospace. We currently support the majority of Fanuc’s products but contact us for more information.

CraftMate NAC 3D Camera Sanding finishing polishing UR Mirka

UR+ Certified

Our Mimic Kit and Force Torque Sensor Kit are UR+ certified and distributed through UR’s channel network providing you seamless integration with your UR cobot.

The solutions are compatible with all UR robots - CB or eSeries - and can be implemented on existing or on new UR setups.

Mimic UR+ Certified UR Force Torque Sensor
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    Creating better jobs

Improving working conditions and helping scale small and large productions.

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    Any robot, any tool

We are robot- and tool-agnostic which means that our software platforms can be used with any robot and any tool.

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    Cobots & industrial robots

We provide solutions for all types and sizes of robots making it possible to switch between low and high payloads.

One robot, multiple tasks

With cobots, you achieve increased productivity and process optimization without spending a lot of time on installation. Moreover, by combining cobots and our software platforms, you can do almost any surface treatment application.

Industrial robots

As Nordbo Robotics’ solutions are robot agnostic, they also apply to industrial robots. With industrial robots, you can achieve maximum productivity and throughput while at the same time achieving greater safety. 

Are you missing your robot brand?

We are continuously developing drivers for more robot brands.
Reach out and let us know your suggestion for the next one!