Our Palletizing Application Solution compatible with different robot brands allows you to use a pattern generator and eliminates the need for any programming. 

Automatic palletizing systems are mostly setup to generate one or multiple patterns. When a new product is introduced it takes 1-3 days to setup a new pattern and the robot is out of production for a period of time.


Therefore Nordbo developed an application package that allows you to upload patterns generated by a pattern generator, so no need to go offline and it only takes a few minutes.

Application Video


Pallet Pattern Generator

Teach fixed picking and pallet location

Sheet deployment between layers

Weight measurement

Automatic picking and pallet zone detection




no programming needed, just make a new pattern and upload it to the robot and your ready to go


the software makes it easy to generate new palletizing patterns and upload them to the robot


compatible with every robot brand. At the moment it is tested with Aubo

No breaks

your robot doesn’t get tired and has no problem working overtime

Increase safety

work closely within the human environment without  the need for safety equipment, depending on risk assessment

Cost effective

we give you the most competitive vision system on the market


Please contact our partners if you are interested in a complete system


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