Case Study

Robot Palletizing Software


Achieving flexible palletizing with Cobots in one of Norway's largest food producers using Nordbo Robotics Palletizing software. 

What challenges did the customer face?

Nortura was in need of a flexible, efficient and cost effective robot palletizing solution to address the following needs:


  • Limit the use of available floor space

  • Easy to operate solution without the need of external support when a new product or package is introduced

  • Continuous operation without stopping the production line

How did Nordbo Robotics address these challenges?


To solve these challenges, Sealing System from Denmark used Nordbo Robotics’ palletizing software which can be installed on a Cobot controller, allowing the operator to use easy to generate pattern files and reconfigure the Cobot palletizer to perform a new program within minutes. This is makes it suitable for when a new product or package is introduced.


The small allowed footprint by using a Cobot and the use of Nordbo Robotics palletizing software gave Nortura the following results:

  • The operators have full control allowing them to easily generate new stacking patterns within minutes, without any training, robotic knowledge or external support.

  • Progress information is available on the operator screen (teach pendant) for a smooth and continuous operation

  • Commissioning was achieved within a couple of hours allowing minimum downtime of their production

  • A Return Of Investment (ROI) within 1 year was achieved

The Nordbo Robotics software was implemented using the following hardware set-up:​​

  • 5x AUBO i10 robots

  • 5x Palletizing platform from Sealing System

  • 5x Vacuum gripper from Sealing System

  • 5x Air-supply

About Nortura


Nortura is one of Norway’s largest food producers and they offer a variety of raw materials and finished products of meat and eggs for both the grocery, industrial and supermarket markets. Sustainability is a core corporate value and Nortura is investing in innovation to develop in a health-friendly and sustainable direction, and still create great food and great values.



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