Flexible Spindle Mount

A deburring Tool

NFS-D Flexible spindle mount

The patented flexible spindle mount with rotational and angular compensation provide the necessary flexibility to ensure a perfect fit for your spindle. The flexible spindle mount further compensates for potential misalignment and ensures a constant force applied to workpieces with pneumatic controlled stiffness.

This makes the NFS-D series perfect for any deburring applications where you need to ensure smooth contact between your spindle and workpiece. 

NFS-D products are available for spindle sizes up to 80mm and can be delivered with mounting flanges for the following robot manufacturers:


Discard misalignment
Reduce repair costs
Multi purpose

Compensation reduces the impact of misalignment between part and robot path, which makes programming a lot easier

Eliminate spindle damage by compensating for misalignment between workpieces and spindle and reduce repair costs

The NFS-D is suitable for multiple spindle suppliers and can be both mounted on a fixed position or as EOAT to a robot


The NFS-D series of flexible spindle mounts are equipped with features that makes them suitable for a wide variety of applications. 

  • Compensates for misalignment to enhancing the life expectance of spindles

  • Up to 5 degrees multidirectional tilt

  • Up to 5 mm contraction

  • Available for multiple spindle sizes

  • Possibility for customized sizes

  • Improve deburring results

  • Applicable to multiple spindle manufacturers

  • Applicable to all robot manufacturers

NFS-D series

We offer a series of flexible spindle mounts compatible with multiple spindle manufacturers. The NFS-D series ensure rotational and angular compensation for the perfect fit for your spindle. See here the standard available sizes, other diameters are on request. 


Flexible Spindle Mount for spindles with a diameter of Ø30mm


Flexible Spindle Mount, incl. mounting flange for Nakanishi NR4040-AQC


Flexible Spindle Mount, incl. mounting flange for Nakanishi NR3060-AQC


Flexible Spindle Mount for spindles with a diameter of Ø80mm


Flexible Spindle Mount for spindles with a diameter of Ø40mm

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Automated deburring: Why it is important with flexible tools

To understand what deburring is, it is important to understand what a burr is. A burr is a rough edge or ridge left on an object by the action of a tool or machine. Metal and other materials go through an extensive process to be formed into a serviceable form. Machining operations generally includes grinding, drilling, milling, engraving, and turning. All these processes may leave burrs and the process which remove the unwanted material with a specialized tool is called deburring.


There are many ways deburring can take place: manual deburring, electrochemical deburring, thermal deburring, and mechanical deburring. With the increase in robot technology finding an automated solution can be game-changing. A robot produces a consistently high-quality result with high safety standards, and it can reduce the time needed to deburr. Robots can work without breaks, and do not suffer damage from prolonged exposure to vibrations like humans would with a manual process.

There exists a common issue of misalignment or poor tolerances between workpiece and spindle which often results in spindle damage. This can lead to unexpected costs for repair or replacement and additional downtime. Therefore, we have developed the NFS-D series of flexible spindle mounts that compensate for misalignment between workpieces and spindles.

NFS-D: The ideal choice for demanding deburring applications


The patented NFS-D is a robust flexible spindle mount well suited in demanding applications such as deburring and flash removal. But it can be used in a variety of applications. The pneumatically controlled force compensation allows the spindle to overcome challenges related to tolerances and surface irregularities. By supplying a constant air pressure to the spindle, the flexible spindle mount enables consistent quality when automating the deburring of inconsistent parts.

Nordbo Robotics also offer a version specifically developed for the Nakanishi NR4040 Air-Quick-Change spindles. This product enables you to automatically change collet holders. We have developed an AQC version of our popular flexible spindle mount that further supports this functionality.

Click here to learn more about the Nakanishi AQC spindles.