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Floating Spindle Mount  | Protecting your tools

The floating spindle mount with rotational and angular compensation will ensure the necessary flexibility between the robot and the spindle.


FD-30 for Ø30 mm spindles

FD-40 for Ø40 mm spindles

FD-30-AQC for Nakanishi NR3060 Air-Quick-Change spindles

FD-40-AQC for Nakanishi NR4040 Air-Quick-Change spindles

Rotational and angular compensation

Tolerance compensation

Pneumatic controlled stiffness

Different variants in size, strength and purpose



Easy to install

Multi purpose

The different sizes and strengths make sure there is a solution for every challenge

Full control

Quick and accurate compensation in all directions and angles gives full control of your process

Tool protection

Prevents damage to your tool and workpiece


Compatible with every robot brand

Cost efficient

We give you the most competitive price on the market