We believe collaboration is the key to success, and we thrive when we partner up with

skilled tool manufacturers, system integrators and distributors.

System Integrators

Our robotic application kits consist of application software, accessories and sensors. The combination of these elements enables system integrators to integrate our core technologies in their own solutions using our blueprint to build a customized robot cell dedicated to a certain application.

Contact us to find out if you are ready to use Nordbo kits to create custom solutions for customers. 

Use our kits to


custom solutions

for customers!

Machine Builders

Access new

markets with

our technology

under your brand!

Our unique software solutions and technologies allow the user to teach robots a variety of tasks suitable for multiple applications. In collaboration with machine builders we develop a complete setup that is ready for use in the manufacturing market.

Our goal is to always develop both flexible and easy-to-use solutions.

Contact us to find out what Nordbo Robotics can do to make your machines available for flexible manufacturing. 


We develop highly innovative robot automation software and accessories with unmatched capabilities.

Complex solutions create high requirements for robot accessories. These requirements are our motivation and benchmark for innovation and performance during any development process of Nordbo accessories.


Apply for Nordbo Robotics distribution rights and obtain new customers with our unique robot equipment.

Obtain new

customers with our

unique robot


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