How to Automate Your Weld Seam Removal Processes

Automated Welding

When it comes to manufacturing and production, welding and grinding are absolutely necessary. Companies find it challenging to adapt to the new reality, particularly when production volume increases and delivery deadline pressure increases. This is the area where automation fits in. Every business that wants to be around in the future must embrace technological innovation. The manufacturing industry is also affected. Our suggestion is automated welding.

You'll query, "Why?"

The answer is pretty simple. Imagine having employees who are solely focused on more productive activities, because welding and grinding are done by Cobot Robots. And the best part is that there is no chance of error. Something that nobody can guarantee with humans.

No-Code Robotics

Naturally, programming a robot without technical knowledge presents another challenge. This is the reason we released Mimic 2.0. Therefore, anyone can automate their production process without hesitation. Every worker can “teach” a robot how to weld just by using the Mimic platform. 

As an illustration, we visited KC Product. It is a company with more than 40 years of experience working in the stainless steel sector. They already use Cobot Robots for welding and grinding the welds.  Our mission was to show them how they can program their robots without any coding, in order to make their job even faster and more accessible, even for employees who are unskilled.

The output

Jonas Bolvig said:

“In our case, it’s just as much getting the flexibility in the production. So when we have a high load in production we need more manpower and manpower is hard to get”.

Additionally, he mentioned that they can have equal quality no matter who is the operator. This is what automation offers to the production department. For this reason, we try to make it more accessible for more workers with our Mimic Platform.

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