Nordbo Robotics A/S  

Agerhatten 27A Entrance 4

DK-5220 Odense, Denmark

+45 81 81 98 81

CVR: 34697728

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AUBO-i5 | Cobot

AUBO Robotics AUBO i5 is a collaborative industrial robot (Cobot) operating with certified safety features, Hand Drive operation, and the power and force limiting robot design type. 

Payload 5 Kg

Reach 924 mm

Weight 24 Kg

Application Video


Hand guide-to-teach

ROS (Robot Operating System) compatible

Real-time feedback from the motor drives

Programming  & simulation via touch pendant

E-stop with braking distance less than 1mm



The hand guide-to-teach enables quick and easy programming by demonstration


Easily add intelligence with the Nordbo N-eye 3D camera and the Nordbo Force Torque Sensor

Small foot print

No need of a safety fence, laser or sensors (after a risk assessment) which decreases the foot print of the installation

Increase safety

Work closely within the human environment without  the need for safety equipment, depending on risk assessment

Open Source

ROS (Robot Operating System) compatibility is supported through an API

Return of Investment

 Reduce manufacturing time & errors and scale up to the capacity you need