Nordbo Robotics A/S  

Agerhatten 27A Entrance 4

DK-5220 Odense, Denmark

+45 81 81 98 81

CVR: 34697728

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Save time applying your robots with the use of our pre-developed application solutions. For each mentioned application we have developed application software which allows you to teach the robot certain tasks instead of programming it yourself. Our solutions are directly aimed towards making it simple to implement in your robot fleet.

"Programming by demonstration" is our common philosophy



Mimic is our leading technology to transfer unique human manufacturing skills to robots. 

It can record human movements, including the force that is applied. It tunes the force profiles between robot and human movements and makes it ready to deploy the program to your robot fleet. Scaling one human worker to hundreds of robots!


The teach handle has an ergonomic design that makes it easy to perform buffering on most small parts. Well placed buttons make recording intuitive, even when two hands is used and up to 5 kg of pressure is necessary for performing buffing. The force and pose tracker sensor, observe the human motions and record the motions that are later sent to the robot.